Madhusthali Institute of Paramedical Sciences

A Government Approved Co-Ed College for Paramedical Science & Technology
Affiliated to Jharkhand State Paramedical Council, Ranchi, Govt of Jharkhand



Course Name



                                                    Scope of Work

Diploma in Operation Theatre Assistant (DOTA)

02 Years

50 seats

12th  Pass


(Science stream)

Sterilizing/ Cleaning all instruments in the OT and maintaining utmost hygiene in the OT. Assisting the Doctor/ Surgeon in operation theatre as required   before, during and after the Surgical Operation.

Diploma in Medical Lab Technology (DMLT)

02 Years
60 seats

12th  Pass 45%(Science stream)

Medical Laboratory technologists examine and analyze body fluids, tissues, blood typing, micro organisms, screening, chemical analyses, cell counts etc. of the human body. They play an important role in collecting the information needed for treating most pathology cases by sampling, testing, analyzing and reporting such investigations.

Diploma in Medical Radiography (DMR)- X- Ray

02 Years
50 seats

12th  Pass 45% (Science stream)

Working in the Radiology Department in conducting X- Rays, doing Ultra-sonography, CT Scans, ECGs and MRIs in standalone X Ray labs or hospitals, nursing homes or clinics.


Diploma in Sanitary Inspector 02 Years
30 seats

12th Pass 45% (Science stream)

Works with sanitization and health, water and health and air and health, They deal with the concepts of prevention and control of diseases, Immunization and personal hygiene. They find work in health sanitation department, municipal boards, railway department and five star hotels in the hygiene department.
Diploma in ECG Technician 02 Years
30 seats
12th  Pass 45% (Science stream) ECG technician course is a diploma course in which the technicians monitor and test a patient's cardiovascular performance using ECG equipment, this test is known as Electrocardiography. They have very good private and independent practices without having a very big infrastructural investment

Certificate in Dresser (CD)

01 Year
60 seats

10th  Pass

Dressers are the first medical-Aid provider in sudden injuries and minor accidents. They have very good private and independent practice without having very big infrastructural investment. Apart from self employment option, dressers are also in great requisition in every medical organization, private schools/colleges, clinic, nursing home and hospitals. They are employed in football/Cricket clubs also.



Paramedical Courses: Diploma & Certificate

(1) Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (DMLT)

Medical Laboratory Technology is an Allied Health specialty concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases through the use of clinical laboratory tests. Medical laboratory professionals play a critical role in collecting the information needed to give the best care to an ill or injured patient. The fact is that the practice of modern medicine would be impossible without the tests performed in the clinical laboratory.

This course is administered by specialists in various related fields (Biochemistry; Human Anatomy; Physiology; Histology; Parasitology; Microbiology; Clinical Ethics and Clinical Laboratory administration). The Course content includes principles & practice of Laboratory Organization & Maintenance; Urine Analysis; Haematology & Blood Banking and basics of Medical Microbiology; Clinical Biochemistry; Parasitology; Immunology; Histopathology; General Medicine; Cytology; Human Anatomy & Physiology, Communication Skills, Life Coping Skills etc.

Job placements can be had in Hospitals & Clinical Labs. The candidate could start his/her own Clinical Lab.

(2) Diploma in Operation Theatre Assistant (DOTA)

An operation theatre technologist is a person who looks after all the work and management of the operation theatre which includes assisting the surgeon during the surgical operations and looks after the drugs required for surgery, anesthetic gases, drapes, linen & their sterilization. Aim of the course is to teach and train students in management of operation theatre along with handling a variety of operating instruments including electronic and advanced equipments used in modern operation theatres.

Jobs: Operation Theater in hospitals, Emergency care Departments as well as ICUs in hospitals are places where OT Technicians are needed, which include General Surgery/Ophthalmic Surgery/Orthopedic/Gynecology Surgery /Plastic Surgery/ENT surgery/Neurosurgery/Cardio Therapy Surgery/Spinal Surgery/Urology etc.

(3) Diploma in Medical Radiography (DMR)-X Ray

Medical imaging is the technique and process used to create images of the human body (or parts and function thereof) for clinical purposes (medical procedures seeking to reveal, diagnose or examine disease) or medical science (including the study of normal anatomy and physiology).A Radiologic Technologist, also known as Medical Radiation technologist and as Radiographer, performs imaging of the human body for diagnosis and treatment.

The common subjects of basics in Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Microbiology, Surgery and Medicine taught in this program to understand the nature of diseases. The hands-on-experience in sophisticated Radiology equipments from day one onwards enable the student to understand the nature of the illness. The students receive excellent and exhaustive training in these fields to be able to assist senior radiologists.

Job: can be had in the Radiology Department in conducting X- Rays, doing USG, CT Scans, ECGs, EEGs and MRIs in standalone X- Ray labs or Govt and private hospitals, nursing homes or clinics.

(4) Diploma In Sanitary Inspector

This course is too much effective in the field of Health sector. The main object of this course is to ménage health and sanitary aspects in a variety of organizations enabling them to safeguard public health & environment

The elementary idea about the goal of nutrition in health, nutrients food, balanced diet, healthy cooking practices, clean cooking procedure is also provided here, The course content includes the basic overview of Anatomy, Microbiology and Biochemistry to Sociology & Healthy Environment & Health, water & health to sanitation & health .

Jobs are audible in establishments concerned about the techniques of sterilization and disinfection of various articles, in programes  on personal hygiene, in hospitals such as words, operation theatres., Job openings in municipality, large industry , hotel chains concerned with the disposal of waste ( solid, liquid & sewage ) with minimum damage to the environment in also one of the area to lookout for.

(5) Diploma in ECG Technician

It is one of the most  advanced course covering Anatomy, physiology, Cardiology, Hematology & Blood  Banking  that  helps in the critical role in assessing the amount of damage that  a  person with heart  attack.. The fact in that without proper assessment  of  the patient it would be impossible to carry out the practice of modern medicine on the patient . The work of the technician in this case in to monitor and test a patient ‘s cardiovascular  performance by using ECG equipment. The machine gives the graphical presentation of function of heart in the wave form. This graphical representation helps the doctor to diagnose the actual point of heart where the treatment may occur.

Job: After completing the course in ECG  technician one can find jobs at health care center, Hospitals, Diagnostic labs, Medical Clinical etc.

(6) Certificate in Dresser (C D) Dressing is a first aid skill, although many people undertake the practice with no training – especially on minor wounds. Modern dressing all comes in a pre-packaged sterile wrapping, date coded to ensure sterility. Sterility is necessary to prevent infection from pathogens resident within the dressing. Modern techniques are taught in course.
Jobs: Dressers are the first medical-Aid provider as doing very good private and independent practice without having very big infrastructural investment. Along with the above self employment option dressers are in great requisition in every medical organization, private medical clinic, nursing home and hospital. Thus along with first-aid medical private practice a dresser can join the full time works in NGO's or Private and Govt medical organizations.